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Tartaric Stability Control - SMARTCHECK


SmartCheck is an innovative system for controlling the tartaric stability of wines with the conductivity method.

- Specific for the MINI/ISOTHERMAL TEST with addition of THK
- Instantaneous display of results
- Very high precision and repeatability of results
- Easy adjustment of analysis times and temperatures
- Set Point Temperature: 0/-1/-2/-3/-4° C
- Set Point time: 10‘/60‘/120‘/180‘/240‘

- Screen: LCD
- Cooling: Peltier cell (plus water circuit)
- Sample cell: 25ml
- Stirring: magnetic stirring rod
- Power supply: 220V, 50Hz (15V power supply output)
- Dimensions: 150x170x160mm (lxwxh)
- Weight: 1.8kg

Discover the economical and easy to use tartaric stability control instrument SmartCheck.

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