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Refractometry process analytics - process refractometers

Schmidt + Haensch GmbH & Co

Inline Process Refractometers (iPR), measuring the refractive index continuously and in real time, are used in a wide range of process monitoring applications. They are available as stand-alone solutions with integrated display or connected to a PLC. The iPR measuring heads can be combined with various process sensors such as O2, CO2, pH, turbidity or conductivity to an intelligent sensing station, complying with regulations in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. To avoid the contact of highly concentrated acids or corrosive substances with stainless steel surface, special PTFE inline housings are available.

Available models: iPR B³, iPR Compact² (aluminium and stainless steel), iPR FR², iPR HR², and iPR EX (the EX-protection version of the iPR-B³).

Applications: Concentration monitoring, product interface detection, deviation from the nominal value detection (Quality Control), crystallization monitoring, dosage control.

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