INOXPA’s pneumatic divert seat valves are designed for hygienic applications and according to EHEDG. Single Seat Overflow valves for pharmaceutical production are also available.

INOXPA also offers various pneumatic shut-off double seat valves for hygienic applications. The leakage chamber, under atmospheric pressure, situated between the two seats ensures a safe interface between the two liquids, one of which is usually a CIP solution (cleaning agent). Due to the leakage detector, any leak of a seat seal is detected by the appearance of liquid at the bottom of the valve

Regulating seat valves are mostly used for pressure control, flow control, tank level control in food-processing, beverage production, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals. Vairāk informācijas

Diaphragm valves, manually or pneumatically operated, are used in hygienic and aseptic processes in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries. The valves are widely used in loops of purified water (PW) or water for injections (WFI). Models suitable for CIP/SIP processes and according to EHEDG, FDA and USP 6 are available.

The Pharmavalve is a radial diaphragm valve and combines the features of traditional piston valves (manually or automatically) with the aseptic safety of common diaphragm valves. It is designed for critical processes where any contamination, dead leg zones or leakage are to be avoided. Vairāk informācijas

Ball Valves (operated automatically or manually) are used mainly with viscous fluids containing solid particles and in applications requiring an unobstructed flow.

Check Valves, or non-return valves, prevent the fluid from flowing backwards and ensure that it flows in only one direction. They are used in food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as in the beverage, wine and oil production. ATEX versions are available.

Overflow Valves are designed to protect installations in the pharmaceutical industry and are used for pressure bypass to protect production lines, pumps, fittings, tanks, etc. They are used to prevent pump cavitation by creating counter pressure.

Pressure-vacuum valves maintain atmospheric pressure inside a tank while being filled or emptied. They are widely used in the food-processing, wine-making, cosmetics and chemical industries as well as in the beverage and oil production. Vairāk informācijas

Butterfly valves / Sandwich butterfly valves / Double butterfly valves

Butterfly valves can be used in most liquid product applications in food-processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Leakage Butterfly Valves (Double Butterfly Valves) provide double safety: the two butterflies are simultaneously actuated by only one actuator. They are used for safe product separation and in combination with CIP solutions, and prevent accidental mixing in case of gasket failure. Vairāk informācijas