Solaris Biotech Solutions Inoxpa

Industriālie bioreaktori / fermentatori

Solaris Biotech Solutions
Volume range: 250 - 30’000 liters
Sterilization: SIP (sterilizable-in-place)
Vessel: Stainless steel jacketed vessel
Ratio (H/D): customizable
Use: Bacterial/Cell Culture

The Solaris I Series are highly automated and fully customizable fermentation systems, available from 250 liters up to 30 m3. The user-friendly software and controller are in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11. Vairāk informācijas

INOXPA’s PIG system is ideal for the recovery of any product remaining in a pipeline in the end of the transfer process. As this product can be of a high value, the PIG system recovers and removes it and prepares the pipeline for a CIP process. Another benefit is the reduction of the fluid sent to the sewage treatment plant. The main application of the PIG system is viscous media. Among the products treated there are gels, creams, ointments, emulsions and other products of high value in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry. Vairāk informācijas