Irdenuma testeri

The dual drum friability tester performs both standard as well as abrasion type of drum. The automatic discharge of test samples into their individual trays as well as the front loading system offer an optimal user experience. The friability tests can be performed in either timer or counter mode within a speed range of 20 to 60 rpm. The results can be calculated in percentage of friability or weight loss. Sample information and products can be entered through an alphanumeric keypad. A printer is optionally available. Vairāk informācijas

The granule friability tester is designed to determine the friability of hard tablets, granules and pellets. The instrument offers bi-directional horizontal shaking with an angle of 42° in a range of 0 - 400 oscillations / min. The glass sample container (105 ml) is interchangeable enabling a rapid throughput. Vairāk informācijas