Ultralow Temperature Freezers

Ultralow temperature freezers can be used for the long-term storage of samples at ultralow temperatures. Providing maximum security and reliability, BINDER units are suitable for biological, chemical, and medical samples within the pharmaceutical, medical, life sciences, plastics, food or electronic components industry. Several models are available, offering maximum process reliability, an environmentally-friendly design, a multi-layered safety concept and ease of use.

Temperature range: -86 °C to -20 °C
Interior volumes: 175 to 1’000 liters
Optimal sample capacity: up to 72’000 cryo tubes

Froilabo’s ultralow temperature freezers for long-term sample storage offer maximum process reliability and ease of use. Several models and types (bench, vertical or horizontal) are available. Each is equipped with a stainless steel inner chamber, pressure equalizer and constant monitoring features for perfect sample preservation. Vairāk informācijas

Temperature range: -45 °C to -20 °C
Interior volumes: 520 liters
Optimal capacity: up to 450 plasma bags

Froilabo’s plasma freezers on wheels for blood plasma preservation are equipped with a refrigerant air condenser, pressure safety features, polystyrene inner chamber and 90mm thick insulation. Vairāk informācijas

Temperature range: -86 °C to -40 °C
Interior volumes: 483 to 711 liters
Optimal sample capacity: up to 52’800 samples

BINDER's ultralow temperature freezers are made with an environmentally-friendly design in mind, particularly due to the best energy efficiency in its class and the absence of environment-impairing refrigerants. A multi-layered safety concept allows users to mix and match elements to suit any environment. Practical unit sizes, appropriate and sophisticated options as well as functional accessories offer users everything required for reliable long-term storage of highly sensitive samples. All models are equipped with cascade compressor cooling unit, thermal insulation using vacuum insulating panels and PUR foam and emergency exchange service. Vairāk informācijas