Precisa Gravimetrics AG

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Precisa Gravimetrics AG
The prepASH 340 Series consists of a muffle furnace combined with an analytical balance and advanced software using a touch-screen user interface. Weighing curves are recorded over time for each individual test sample during the entire drying and ashing process. No additional computer is needed. It is an automatic systems for the thermographic analysis of up to 29 samples and temperatures up to 1'000 °C with free programmable temperature profile and selectable atmosphere (N2, O2). Vairāk informācijas

Precisa Gravimetrics AG
The moisture analyzers are available with capacities of up to 310 g and readabilities down to 0.1 mg (0.001%) and with different heat radiators (halogen, infrared and infrared dark).

Precisa's moisture analyzers offer a high degree of protection against mechanical and electrical interference and operate with highest levels of precision.

Basic model: XM50
Advanced models: XM60 / XM60-HR / XM66
High-Performance model: EM120-HR Vairāk informācijas