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Many routine applications in today’s laboratories require a high quality medium for the cultivation of bacteria. Hence, a number of downstream tasks and results directly depend on the performance of media preparation. INTEGRA offers innovative, versatile and easy-to-handle equipment for culture medium preparation as well as Petri dish fillers and peristaltic pumps.

INTEGRA Biosciences AG
The MEDIACLAVE product range allows the rapid and gentle preparation of 1 to 30 litres culture medium. Precise controlling and monitoring of temperature, time and pressure during the sterilization process guarantee constant high quality. It is used for the preparation and sterilization of numerous types of culture media (incl. Luria Bertani Medium, Tryptic Soy Agar, Blood Agar, MacConkey Agar, Sabouraud Agar, Peptone Solutions). Vairāk informācijas

INTEGRA Biosciences AG
Petri dish filler Ø 35, 60 and 90 mm (incl. two-compartment Petri dishes or test tubes)

After loading the carrousel with up to 540 Petri dishes, the MEDIAJET is connected to the sterilized culture medium source and the automated dispensing runs based on up to 19 individual user-defined Petri dish filling programs. Additional options include Petri dish cooling and Petri dish imprinting. Vairāk informācijas

INTEGRA Biosciences AG
Dose volume: 0.1ml - 9999ml
Flow rate: 0.6 ml/min - 5 l/min
Tubing inner diameter: 1 - 8 mm
Tubing wall thickness: 1.5 mm

The peristaltic pump DOSE IT is designed to make the dispensing of culture media, buffers and other solutions easy and efficient. The simple programming and straightforward operation of the DOSE IT is ideal for laboratories where several different dispensing protocols are frequently used. Vairāk informācijas