Laminaarboksid / isolaatorid

The growing presence of high potent APIs as well as increased workplace safety regulations require to protect operators from contact with active substances. To meet these requirements, Micromacinazione offers a broad range of glove boxes, also called isolators or containments, from lab to production scale. Rohkem informatsiooni

Micromacinazione manufactures customized isolators / gloveboxes for dispensing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and cytotoxic compounds. Rohkem informatsiooni

Micromacinazione is a leading manufacturer of custom-made glove boxes designed for the isolation of open operations of hazardous compounds (such as loading, unloading, sampling, etc.). Rohkem informatsiooni

Micromacinazione offers customizable glove box systems with independent modules and the possibility to add additional segments at any time according to future requirements. Rohkem informatsiooni

Micromacinazione is a specialist for custom-made containment designed to house kilolab equipment such as reactors, filters, dryers and others. Rohkem informatsiooni