Multiparameter Tablet Testers

Electrolab’s multiparameter tablet testers measure up to 5 parameters such as weight, thickness, diameter/length, width and hardness of virtually all tablet shapes. Tablet hardness (breaking force) measures the mechanical integrity of a produced tablet giving indication of whether specifications such as disintegration time or friability will be met. The tablet testers are highly used in any industry that requires compressed tablets including pharmaceutical, food, detergent, dairy, animal feed and pesticides.

Electrolab's portable tablet hardness testers are rechargeable battery powered instruments with a manual application of the load. They can measure the breaking point of tablets ranging from 2 mm to 28 mm. The hardness can be evaluated by a load cell from 0.1 N to 500 N with an accuracy of ± 0.5%. To achieve precise results, the average compressive force can be calculated out of 10 memorized test values. If required, optional accessories like validation kit and printer are available. Rohkem informatsiooni

This 2-parameter tablet tester determines the thickness and hardness of an oral dosage form. Its constant speed measuring principle as well as the option to adapt the speed settings from 1 mm/sec to 3mm/sec guarantees reliable results. The hardness measurement range lies within a load cell of 3 N to 800 N with an accuracy of ± 1%. Additionally, a printer is embedded in the body case made of stainless steel complying with the cGMP regulations. The calibration and verification modes can be easily programmed on the intuitive touch screen. Rohkem informatsiooni

Electrolab’s 5 parameter tablet tester is a manual testing system to measure weight, thickness, diameter/length, width and hardness. The instrument features the constant speed measuring principle (0.5 mm/sec to 3 mm/sec) as well as a linear force increase setting. (10 kg/sec to 100 kg/sec) A tilt sensing device enables display orientation change in verification and calibration mode. These modes are programmable and can be stored. The hardness measurement ranges from 3 to 800 N with a jaw opening of 40 to 65 mm. For printing data and graphs there are user selectable templates available. Rohkem informatsiooni