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Planetary Mixer (non-vacuum type) produced by THINKY allow for simultaneous processing of mixing, dispersion, and deaeration of various materials from low to high viscosities. They exhibit excellent performance in deaeration of high-viscosity adhesives, viscous grease with viscosity of 4’000Pa s, materials whose viscosities are increased by added fillers, deaeration of urethane resin, mixing of suspension as well as preparation of alumina slurry.

Model ARE-100:
Max. batch capacity: 100 ml / 140 g
Model ARE-310:
Max. batch capacity: 300 ml / 310 g
Model ARE-400TWIN:
Max. batch capacity: 2 x 300 ml / 2 x 400 g
Model ARE-500:
Max. batch capacity: 650 ml / 1’100 g Rohkem informatsiooni

Planetary Mixer (vacuum type) produced by THINKY allow for mixing and dispersion under vacuum for submicron-level air bubble elimination. High-specific-weight materials such as fluorescent material can be evenly dispersed and deaerated without sedimentation. Centrifugal force prevents overflow of material during operation. Deaeration of high-viscosity materials is improved compared to the atmospheric type mixer.

Max. batch capacity: 150 ml / 70 g
ARV-310P / ARV-310LED:
Max. batch capacity: 300 ml / 310 g
Max. batch capacity: 2 x 750 ml / 2 x 930 g Rohkem informatsiooni

Planetary Mixer (vacuum type) with larger batch capacities are ideal for mixing and deaerating large amounts for manufacturing. Due to vacuum technology, high viscosity materials can be deaerated completely at submicron levels. The mixing performance is equivalent to the laboratory models ARE-310 and ARV-310 and the variable rotation/revolution ratio mechanism supports detailed parameter settings in accordance with the properties of the material.

Max. batch capacity: 4’000 ml / 5’000 g
Max. batch capacity: 2 x 4’000 ml / 2 x 5’000 g
Max. batch capacity: 2 x 10’000 ml / 2 x 14’500 g Rohkem informatsiooni

Special purpose planetary mixer that can optimize temperature and viscosity preparations and dispersion and deaeration of solder paste at the same time. Metal particles with high specific gravity such as solder particles settle to the bottom of containers in cold storage and cause differences in material viscosity. The SR-500 regulates the viscosity of solder paste in a short time, with uniform viscosity from top to bottom.

Max. batch capacity: 150 ml / 680 g Rohkem informatsiooni

The Thinky NP-100 pulverizes a quantity of minimal 100 mg (10 ml liquid) to maximum 10 g in only 2 to 5 minutes. Due to strong centrifugal forces adding acceleration to the pulverizing media (zirconia balls) the materials get strongly pulverized. This wet milling type of nano pulverizer comes with standard recipes for pulverizing.

Min. batch capacity: 100 mg / 10 ml
Max. batch capacity: 10 g / 1'000 ml
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Max. volume: 5ml (50mg) vials / 280 ml SUS Container
Rotation speed: 80 - 600 rpm
Ultrasonic wave frequency: 40KHz
Temperature controlled by ultrasonic water bath

The Nano Premixer PR-1 from THINKY uniformly disperses nanomaterials in an enclosed container (no cross contamination). The container rotates around its axis and is treated by ultrasonic waves from the sides and the bottom to achieve uniform dispersion. The distance between the water level and ultrasonic transducer in combination with the vial's rotation achieve high reproducibility and dispersion. The ultrasonic bath is cooled to prevent overheating of the material. Rohkem informatsiooni

The ARC-40H is ideal for quick and bubble free charging of materials while maintaining the quality of the material mixed and deaerated with a planetary centrifugal mixer. Small syringes (3 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml) can be used. It is suitable for materials from low to high viscosity, easy to clean, and up to 4 syringes can be charged at the same time.

The ARC-600TWIN is an automatic control system vacuum filler that can simultaneously fill a maximum 16 syringes. Rohkem informatsiooni