Karl Fischer moisture titrators (high-end model)

The MKV-710M titrator for volumetric titrations has a measuring range of 0.1 to 500mgH2O (water content) and 10ppm to 100%H2O (concentration). It can control up to 2 automatic piston burette drives for normal and back titration. The polarized potential level detection works with a twin platinum electrode.

The MKC-710M for coulometric titrations has a measuring range of 10µg to 300mg (water content/Bromine index) due to its 2-component or 1-component measurement cell. Different evaporators / ovens to measure the moisture content in powders and solid samples are available.

Both models are equipped with a large color interface which can display up to 4 channels simultaneously and store up to 500 samples and 120 methods. For simultaneous titrations, it can be connected with up to 4 titrators, including potentiometric titrators or other Karl Fischer moisture titrators. Connection to a computer, dot matrix printer and electronic balance is possible through USB or LAN.

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