Automatic potentiometric titrators (high-end model)

Detection range
Potentiometric:-2'000mV to +2'000mV
pH: -20'000 to 20'000pH
Temperature: 0 to 100°C

The AT-710M titrator was developed for potentiometric (acid/base, redox, precipitation), photometric, polarization and conductivity titration. It is equipped with a large color interface which can display up to 4 channels simultaneously and store up to 500 samples. For simultaneous titrations, it can be connected with up to 4 titrators, including other potentiometric titrators or Karl Fischer moisture titrators. Connection to a computer, dot matrix printer and electronic balance is possible through USB or LAN.

The system can control up to 10 automatic piston burette drives and is compatible with the CHA-600 and CHA-700 multiple sample changer.

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