Ultralow Freezers

Temperature range: -86 °C to -20 °C
Interior volumes: 175 to 1’000 liters
Optimal sample capacity: up to 72’000 cryo tubes

Froilabo’s ultralow temperature freezers for long-term sample storage offer maximum process reliability and ease of use. Several models and types (bench, vertical or horizontal) are available. Each is equipped with a stainless steel inner chamber, pressure equalizer and constant monitoring features for perfect sample preservation. More information

Temperature range: -45 °C to -20 °C
Interior volumes: 520 liters
Optimal capacity: up to 450 plasma bags

Froilabo’s plasma freezers on wheels for blood plasma preservation are equipped with a refrigerant air condenser, pressure safety features, polystyrene inner chamber and 90mm thick insulation. More information