Rotor / Stator Homogenizers

MICCRA’s batch and inline homogenizers / dispersers achieve fully reproducible results for emulsions, dispersions or cell disruption from lab- and pilot-scale to full-scale production. The homogenizers provide the desired mean particle size and uniform distribution according to the user’s requirement. The field of application is wide and includes dairy, food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech.

Volumes: 0.1 ml - 50 liters
Stator diameter: 5 - 40 mm
Tool length: 115 - 420 mm
Speed range: 8'800 - 39'000 rpm
Power output: 145 - 900 Watt

The MICCRA homogenizers / dispersers are very powerful and allow for high speed (up to 39'000 rpm), keeping a constant speed even with increasing viscosities. They are available in hand held or stand mounted configurations and suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications including agrarian technology, cell biology, food and biotechnology. Following models are available: MICCRA D-1, D-9 and D-15. More info

Speed range: 3'000 - 36'000 rpm
Power output: max. 2'700 Watt
Max. pressure: 20 bar
Max. vacuum: 1 mbar
Flow rate acc. to water: up to 45 l/min.

The MICCRA D-27 InLine homogenizing drive with integrated water cooling circuit is equipped with a powerful stainless steel three-phase asynchronous motor which delivers product results up to nanoscale at a low noise level (63 dB(A)). The unique cartridge sealing system (in connection with the DFK-flow chamber) is suitable for pressure and vacuum applications in laboratories or pilot plants. More info

Pilot plant dispersers and mixers are available for batch as well as for inline applications.

MICCRA pi Batch
Max. batch size: 2’000 liters
Max. viscosity: 8’000 mPas
Max. process temperature: 160 °C
Rotor rotational speed: 6’000 rpm
Power output: max. 13'000 Watt
Tool-length: 750 – 1200 mm

MICCRA pi InLine
Max. flow rate: 40’000 l/h
Max. viscosity: 8’000 mPas
Max. process temperature: 160 °C
Rotor rotational speed: 8’000 rpm
Cleaning and sterilization by CIP / SIP units More info

The InLine MICCRApro Series is based on the flowthrough-principle and constructed on a mobile stainless steel base frame. The product can be dispersed, homogenized, or pumped through the dispersing apparatus, by an external circulation line.

Key advantages:
- Up to 2 different stator sizes (ø100, ø120) and several different rotor designs either for fibrous and solid particles as well as rotors for very fine emulsions.
- CIP- and SIP units available.
- Powerful asynchronous Motors with water cooling.
- Double acting mechanical seals in accordance with pharmaceutical standards.
- Highly customizable homogenizing system. More info