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Analitinė HPLC

Spark Holland BV
Aukštos klasės HPLC sistema su integruota kietos fazės ekstrakcijos (SPE) mėginių apdorojimo sistema. Sistema skirta lygiagrečiam mėginių paruošimui ir analizei iki 192 mėginių. Daugiau info

Spark Holland BV
Aukštos klasės HPLC sistema su integruotu SPE mėginių paruošimo sistema ir automatiniu injekavimu į MS sisemą. Iki 9216 mėginių itin spartus paruošimas analizei. Daugiau info

Spark Holland BV
ALIAS™ is an autosampler for HPLC and LC-MS using state-of-the-art injection technology with fast injection and wash cycles. Efficient, multi-solvent needle wash eliminates carry-over. ALIAS™ handles well plates and sample vials, either open or sealed, and provides true 4°C sample cooling. Its compact, stackable design and unrivalled performance make the ALIAS™ autosampler a perfect fit for every HPLC and UHPLC system. Daugiau info

The usage of dried blood spots (DBS) has strong advantages over conventional collection and analysis of blood or plasma samples, such as lower blood volumes, easier collection of blood samples and easy transportation of samples. The fully automated CAMAG DBS-MS 500 extraction system makes DBS analysis remarkably easy, fast, efficient and economical compared to both the manual and semi-automated punching techniques. Fields of applications include newborn screening (NBS), where only a very small amount of blood is available and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). Daugiau info

Spark Holland BV
Srauto greitis: 0.001 - 5.00 ml/min
Maks. slėgis: 1'240 bar (18'000 psi)
Aukšto slėgio gradientas. Daugiau info

Spark Holland BV
The Spark DBS Autosampler™ maintains the integrity of the sample through automation, offering more efficient, cost effective DBS sample processing. The patented FTD™ technology for sample preparation and optional online coupling to (SPE) (LC)-MS/MS allows for effortless automation of the entire workflow for DBS analysis, providing maximum sensitivity without any manual intervention. The expandable capacity from a single to a 96 card feeder gives the possibility of 384 samples for analysis in a single run. Daugiau info

Spark Holland BV
Temperatūros ribos: 5 - 90 °C
Talpa: iki 6 kolonėlių
Integruotas eliuento pašildymas
Temperaturos gradiento programavimas Daugiau info

Bischoff Chromatography, Analysentechnik und –geräte GmbH
The Bischoff HPLC columns come in a broad range of lengths, internal diameters and materials to cover a wide range of separations. If, however, no column meets the demanded separation requirements, there is also the option to fabricate according to customer specifications. Apart from filling materials of well-known manufacturers, we also offer our own substances such as ProntoSIL, HiPAK and PolyEncap. Moreover, a refill service is available with ProntoSIL as well as materials of other manufacturers. Daugiau info